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About Islam Elkorma


  •  In 2006 graduated from Languages and Translation College then  graduated from College of Islamic studies (Asool Deen) of Egypt and Majored in Tafseer (interpretation of the Quran) & Qur'an Sciences in 2011.  He earned a master's degree in Qur'an Sciences in 2017 and PHD in 2021.


  • Acquired his Ijaazah in teaching The Holy Qur'an with the Qaeda Nooranyah from Alforqan Institute, certified from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Sheikh Sultan and Sheikh Ashraf Aamer passed the Ijazaah to Sheikh Islam with the narration of Hafs from Asim and his ranking in the Sanad from the Prophet Peace be upon him is 33.


  • Worked for Al-Azhar institutes for Quran memorization for ten years. At the same time he has worked as Imam at the Masdjid of Al-Jamia Al-Sharia for 8 years. He was the Head of the Holy Quran department at Alkhaleel School in Egypt. He is also Currently teaching the Quran Scinces as a lecturer at Al-Azhar University the most famous university in the Muslim world for teaching the islamic studies. He has taught online since 2010.

Student Reviews
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  • Excellent teacher with an amazing voice. May Allah bless him with a long, healthy, and happy life, ameen!