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About Nadia Salem


  •  In 1998 graduated from Bachelor of arts English section


  •  Acquired her Ijaazah in teaching The Holy Qur'an with the Qaeda Nooranyah. Sheikh Sultan Hassan Ibrahim Awad  passed the Ijazaah to Sheikha Nadia with the narration of Hafs from Asim and her ranking in the Sanad from the Prophet Peace be upon him is 33.
  • She certificated from Al-Alamian Institute for  Quranic Studies.
  • . She studies of Al-Qera’aat Al-Ashr “Al-Shatebya and Al-Dorrah” From "Sheikh Yosry Taha Al-abd.



  • Worked as a Quran teacher since 2002 in (Al-Alamian Institute for  Quranic Studies
  • She is a teacher in the Holy Quran channel explaining the verses of Shatibiya and Dorra

Student Reviews

  • I enjoyed my first session with Sister Nadia Salem. I found her to be helpful and patient. I’m excited to continue my tajweed journey with Sister Nadia.