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About Mahmoud adil


● Faculty of Science, Mathematics and Computer Science Department.


● Acquired an "Ijaazah" with "Sanad" in the memorization and teaching of The Holy Quran and Tajweed rules,  through Sheikh Hamdi Agiz in Shanawan – Menofia, with the narrations of Hafs and Shu'bah from Asim from Tareeq Al-shatebeyah and his ranking in the Sanad from the Prophet -Peace be upon him- is 29 ,(in 2020)

● Teaching The Holy Qur'an with the Qaeda Nooraniah.

● Teaching The Holy Qur'an with the Qaeda Noor AL Bayan.


● Worked for Quran memorization for 5 years.

● Worked as a private teacher of the Holy Quran and Tajweed rules, for 3 years.

● Worked as an Imam at the Masjid of Noor Al-Moustafa  for 3 years.

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