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About Eman Issam


  ● In 2020 graduated from faculty of Shari'a and Law, English Department with a grade of "Excellent", with honors,



  ●  In the way to take Ijaazah of Qur'an,

  ●  In 2019 was nominated to be a speaker for Al-Azhar in the Interfaith Dialogue  program,

  ● Studied  English at British Council, graduated with Uper Intermediate Level,

  ● In 2019 Joined to Al Binaa' Al Manhajy, online program,

  ● Joined to Online Courses related to aspects of Qur'an and Sunnah.



  ●  Has been working as offline Qur'anic teacher since 2017,

   ●  Started to work Online Qur'anic teacher in 2020,

  ●  More over, a teacher of Shari'a in 2022.

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