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About Ahmed Imam


  • In 2022 graduated from the Holy Quran for readings and their sciences College Al-Azhar University.


   • In 2021 has got Ijazaah in the ten minor readings, including Al-Shatibiya and Al-Durra.

   • In 2019 has got Ijazaah in Holly Quran according to imam Asem’s recitation .

   • In 2018 has got Specialization in Recitations and Sciences of the Noble Quran.


  • Worked as a Quran teacher from 2016 until now in several places:
  • Hossary Institute of Azhari.
  • dar Abdullah ibn Mas'ud at 6 october city.
  • Masjid om hanea at 6 october city.
  • masjid Righteous Caliphs at 6 october city.
  • A teacher at the Endowments Office in West Somid at 6 october city.
  • He has taught online since 2018.

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